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Many Crawley homes were built between the 1950s and 1970s, and as a result, many of these house have concrete gutters. Concrete gutters were very popular during that era of housebuilding, as they were cheap to install and were supposed to be maintenance-free.

However, there is now a growing demand for concrete gutter replacements in Crawley, as over time concrete gutters can cause a range of problems, which include the following:

  • Issues with internal water leaks, as water can leak into the cavity, causing damp and ruining the decoration on the inside of the property.
  • Rainwater can also eventually run down the outside of the brickwork, causing damage to the bricks.
  • Aesthetic issues, as concrete gutters can start to sag over windows – this can also mean the weight of the roof starts bearing down onto the window frames.

If you’re a Crawley home owner struggling with these problems, then the answer is to have concrete gutter replacements carried out. This involves replacing your existing concrete gutters with a new UPVC system, which is much longer-lasting and maintenance-free. Even if your concrete gutters aren’t currently causing any problems, having concrete gutter replacements installed will mean you don’t need to worry about these issues in the future.

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