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Keeping the roof of your Crawley home watertight and free from damage isn’t just down to the slates, tiles or other surface of the roof. Another important part of any roof’s protection of your home from the elements is the fascia and soffits.

Why it’s important to take care of your fascia and soffits

Having effective fascia and soffits as part of a guttering system is an integral element of keeping your roof watertight and looking good. If your Crawley home has wooden fascia or soffits, you may find that they become prone to rotting and wearing out over time. If this is happening to your home, it’s important to take action quickly, as worn out or rotted fascia and soffits could lead to water leaking into your home. Sometimes it’s possible to carry out minor repairs or simply clean out the guttering system in order to eke a few more years of useful life out of your wooden fascia and soffits, but ultimately they will need to be replaced at some point.

Replacing fascias and soffits

One of the most popular options with Crawley home owners for replacing fascia and soffits is with a UPVC system. UPVC fascia and soffits have a much longer lifespan, require virtually no maintenance (other than regular clearing of debris and mulch), and won’t rot in the way that wood will eventually do.

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